This is me…
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Nylander, my capsule bag collection, was born from a desire to have a bag that is personal, not mass produced, yet affordable. The designs are just like my life, 

Swedish down to earth simplicity and clean lines fused with the crazy, loud rock’n’roll playing, colorful cuban husband of mine.


That is where all of my inspiration comes from, music and travel. 

Watching my husband Carlitos Del Puerto play with Springsteen, Sting or Andy Garcia’s traditional Cuban music with Cineson All Stars.

New cities, new landscapes, whether it’s glorious South Beach, snow-filled streets of Salt Lake City, or a small village in Italy, I always fill my head with as many ideas as I can.  

I design, sew, and photograph every single piece that you see in my shop, making it possible to make original, one of a kind handbags right here in my studio in Los Angeles.

so here’s my story….I grew up in small-town Sweden and was early on inspired to design and create my own clothing, by a milliner grandmother, and an aunt who tailors to the socialite- and jet set crowd.

After studying at the prestigious Dance Academy in Stockholm, I was fortunate to live my dream touring the world as a professional dancer, including two years in the Las Vegas show Splash II along with numerous music videos, films and TV shows.



 I started NYLANDER ORIGINAL creating stage costumes for dancers and singers, many whom I worked with and knew exactly what they wanted.

Currently living in Los Angeles, I now only dance for fun, however with my bass playing husband there is always going to be showbiz at our house and around the world.

Form meets function with a flirty twist, as bold colors, embroidery and leather  goes Hollywood. 

The bags are made in limited edition, keeping them original and personal, a signature of all things Nylander

 Thanks for stopping by I hope you will enjoy it.


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