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Next Friday I am showcasing my Spring 2011 Bag Collection together with Miss Becka Bathing suits at this really great event!
Blue Hazel Productions is created by two extremely talented swedish women, Marie Bergenholtz and Annika Hylmö, who are writing their first movie script, called ‘A Stitch Above.
I’m so looking forward to this event , it’s going to be so much fun, interesting people, music, food & drinks!!
I think they still have room for some more guest, just let me know or contact them directly if you are interested in meeting them and stopping by and say hi to me!!
Hope to see you there!!!!!
Happy Friday ya’ll….stay dry 😉
kisses, Pernilla

You Are Cordially Invited

Join Annika & Marie for a Celebration of

One of the Most Exciting Moments in Our Lives

The Initial Kickoff Celebration for Blue Hazel Productions

and our feature film, A Stitch Above!!!

Join our celebration and get ready to help fund our first movie, A Stitch Above!

Come enjoy the open bar, hors d’oevres, fun fashion raffle, and gorgeous live music as

the filmmakers raise the curtain on this hot new coming of age drama set against the

challenges of a criminal father and the glittering backdrop of Italian fashion!

• Live Music by Haakon Graaf, Clayton Joseph Scott and other surprise


• Grill the writer/producers during our Q&A!!

• Listen to script readings by Robert Miano and many other talented actors!

‘A Stitch Above’

After a father embezzles the family fortune, a gifted high school senior must find her

own way and figure out how to get to the Italian School of Design.

A Stitch Above explores how a teenage girl reaches her creative dream in the middle

of her family’s criminal activities, chaos and deceit. This coming of age story for the

21st century, speaks to the universal themes of the artistic spirit, as Mandy McQueen

conquers her demons to take her rightful place as the future of fashion.

Send us your Questions

Have a question for the producers? Email us to ensure yours gets answered!

Annika Hylmo & Marie Bergenholtz

Sponsored By

Cordelia International • Pernilla Nylander Handbags • Richard Glass Hair Design • Taken

by Storm Photography • Dogeared Jewelry • Skincare by Marlene • Lee McCarthy

Pilates • Born to Play • Sea Lily Flowers • Glamour Lush • and many more!

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