mptf 95
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mptf 95

Motion Picture Television Fund turns 95
Just so happened that Carlitos was hired to play and I had no idea it was for this wonderful organization, that I am part of through my unionMotion Pictures Costumers Local 705

It is a special fund created by Jeffrey Katzenberg, dedicated to everyone working within the Motion Picture, whether you are the star, producer or a grip, camera man or like me , working in the wardrobe department, we all have access to this fund should anyone ever need a little assistant.
well, as soon as I found out, I made myself his plus one and tagged along.
Let me say that it was a fantastic show, George Clooney hosting, Kirk Douglas turned 100 years old, Derek Hough doing the tango, Johnny Mathis, Kevin Spacey so smooth, Jeremy Renner and my fav of the night was Loretta Devine singing Q Bey’s Listen….
W O W … words … just listen

T H A N K   Y O U

I’ll shout up now…

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